Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving right along

Well, I didn't get into the Potter's Guild. Not a big surprise, but still a little disappointing.

Meanwhile, moving right along.... I've got a kiln to open and some more glazing to do. And I really need to clear out the studio! Top issues (not in order of importance):
  • Put a plug/new elements on test kiln.  
  • Recycle clay (or throw it away). 1 1/2 tons! That's a lot of recycling and a whole lot of space to free up.
  • Glaze or toss pots that have been sitting for WAY too long.
  • Test a few new glazes (white, brick red).
I had planned to set up in Balboa Park on 6/23 & 24, but it might just be Sunday since there's no-one to look after my big boy on Saturday. We shall see. 

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