Monday, July 29, 2013

Potters' connections

Sales on Saturday in Balboa Park were better than they've been in a while. My first sale was to a fellow potter from Texas who bought a mug saying he'd get a lot of good use from it! It's always a nice acknowledgement when someone else pushing clay says "good work".  A nice start to the day!
Additionally I sold an experimental piece I was quite happy with - a small vase with a floral pattern in wax resist.... of which I only have blurry photos but I most definitely will be trying that glaze combo again.
And my day ended with a fun conversation (and a purchase) from a potter's mom. Nice lady. :) Her son's a potter who's blog I read and admire, no less. I should have had my picture taken with her, but didn't think of it until way too late - like just now! (Sometimes I'm very slow!)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New glaze results on air plant frames

Some new glazes on my ceramic frames for air plants - pretty happy with the results!
1) 2)

1) Speckled green glaze on SB clay (breaks brown).
2) Aqua glaze on GM clay. 

White glaze on CB clay (breaks chocolate brown) was my favorite, but it really needs a better picture to post!