Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sectional throwing

Early in the week I threw a few big pots using sectional throwing. It's fun but it requires a little patience. The base needs to stiffen enough to throw the second section, so basically it's throwing bases one day, then adding the second section the next. Patience.
Apart from that little bit of throwing this week has been mostly about cleaning. I was hoping to glaze but the garage needed to be organized. Then that spilled over into cleaning my studio space too. Not quite done with the studio, but when I am it will be nice to have a clear work space. Especially since I'll have an "apprentice" ext week. Hubby's niece is coming out from MN for a 2 week visit and I promised to put her to work. ;) Throwing lessons, yeah!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving right along

Well, I didn't get into the Potter's Guild. Not a big surprise, but still a little disappointing.

Meanwhile, moving right along.... I've got a kiln to open and some more glazing to do. And I really need to clear out the studio! Top issues (not in order of importance):
  • Put a plug/new elements on test kiln.  
  • Recycle clay (or throw it away). 1 1/2 tons! That's a lot of recycling and a whole lot of space to free up.
  • Glaze or toss pots that have been sitting for WAY too long.
  • Test a few new glazes (white, brick red).
I had planned to set up in Balboa Park on 6/23 & 24, but it might just be Sunday since there's no-one to look after my big boy on Saturday. We shall see. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting into gear

A few things have happened since I last posted:

  • The kiln plug melted during a firing! Kind of scary. Both the plug and the electrical outlet were totally fried/melted! Honey B. was able to replace both and the kiln was fine, but the whole experience was a little too close for comfort. (Apparently when the plug heats up the screws will expand and then contract during cooling. Over time they can loosen and then the electricity starts arcing! Not good. So just know that it's a good idea to check your plug - like maybe once a year. I've had my kiln for over 12 years and never knew to do that.)

  • The Waldorf School May Faire sale on May 5th was a success. The mermaid mugs were a hit! I made six of those and by the day of the sale only had 2 available. Of course they sold first thing!  Definitely something I will be making more of....

  • Nothing like a nice basket of warm medals. Yum!  I made 210 medals for my son's 5th grade Decathlon. Kids and adults alike were thrilled with them. Very gratifying.

  • Steve Dilley, who teaches at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, put together a Veteran's Art Program at Grossmont College for the spring semester. It was a regular Friday event where veterans could get school counseling and do clay if they were interested. It was fun volunteering for that on a regular basis.

    Steve Dilley (instructor), Josh, Eric, Matthew

  • I was accepted into an art group that has a permit to exhibit in Balboa Park. Yeah! Going forward I'm planning to set up my booth in Balboa Park on a regular basis.  I'm shooting for the 4th Sat/Sun of the month.
  • I applied to the SD Potter's Guild. Finger's crossed! 

Meanwhile it's time to get back in the studio. I've got a few new forms I'm working on and a bunch of ideas to explore. There is glazing that needs to be done. Not to mention new glaze combos and new glazes to test! I've got kingfisher colors on my mind.... Dark blue, aqua, and orange.