Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Open House at Megan's

This coming Friday 6/28 from 10am-4pm, the talented Megan Wilcox is showcasing her adorable felt crafting kits with an Open House at her home. She asked if I'd like to display some of my pots as well. So generous of her to offer. Of course I want to be part! What fun!

Last Saturday in Balboa Park I added a bright pop of color to my booth with a colorful yellow and green chevron pattern floor mat, but no sooner had I put it down when Park Maintenance asked asked me to remove it. They were concerned it might kill the grass underneath. Of course I didn't want to risk killing the grass so I removed it. Wah! It looked so nice. Guess I'll have to save it for street fair events instead.

While waiting for the bisque to cool today I mixed up a larger batch of a new glaze. The first time I mixed this test glaze it came out great, the second time it was ugly, but I figured I must have messed up on the second try, and so I mixed it a third time! Luckily it was nice again the 3rd time. However, before I go hog-wild with it I'll glaze some small pieces. :) So, now it's time to get glazing - right after I unload the bisque. There's some new dark brown clay coming out of this bisque.... Glaze tests here I come!

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