Monday, July 29, 2013

Potters' connections

Sales on Saturday in Balboa Park were better than they've been in a while. My first sale was to a fellow potter from Texas who bought a mug saying he'd get a lot of good use from it! It's always a nice acknowledgement when someone else pushing clay says "good work".  A nice start to the day!
Additionally I sold an experimental piece I was quite happy with - a small vase with a floral pattern in wax resist.... of which I only have blurry photos but I most definitely will be trying that glaze combo again.
And my day ended with a fun conversation (and a purchase) from a potter's mom. Nice lady. :) Her son's a potter who's blog I read and admire, no less. I should have had my picture taken with her, but didn't think of it until way too late - like just now! (Sometimes I'm very slow!)

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