Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh from the kiln

I just got a few things out of yesterday's bisque/decal firing. One of my favorite cups, made with recycled clay, showed a little blistering on the inside, but that just means I get to keep it (guilt free) since it's flawed. Yeah! Everything else turned out fine. The "Me Brew" mug is from a firing earlier this spring, but as it's destined for Minnesota (along with these others) I thought I'd keep a picture for posterity.  There are definitely more of these in the pipeline though.
 B-mix/ White & REB glaze with bird

B-mix/ White & YR glaze with frog

SB clay w/ SKC glaze over slip decoration, oxide in "ME BREW" stamp.
S. wants one of these for each of her friends. :)

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